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Lectures about the Bet HaMikdash


Tziporah Piltz, M.A.
Noted Lecturer on the Topic for Over 15 Years


1. Women's Crafts related to the Mikdash:

It was the women who crafted the many curtains of the Mikdash and the vestments worn by the Cohanim!  Learn about how they spun, dyed and wove the threads of the materials used for these holy purposes.
Included in this fascinating presentation are an ancient loom and spindle and samples of lamb's wool, dyed in the biblically prescribed colors such as light blue and crimson.

2. The Woman in the Mikdash              

Accompanied by a beautiful slide show, the following topics are explored: Ezrat Nashim (Women's Courtyard), Korban Yoledet, the weaving of the curtains, the female Nazir and more.
This is a riveting lecture, and comes highly recommended by others who have experienced it!

3. Har HaBayit in Our Day

This lecture accompanied by spectacular slides, explores the history of Har HaBayit throughout the generations and identifies specific sites on the Mount. The actual Halachot involved in ascending Har HaBayit are specified and it brings us to contemplate the ramifications of the absence of the Holy Temple in our day.
We further discuss different aspects of  this controversial subject which often makes headlines.

4. The Lack of the Holy Temple in Our Day and the Ramifications of this Serious Loss on the World, on Our Nation, and on the way we Keep the Mitzvot

Is it really necessary to have a Bet HaMikdash today? What is the world lacking due to its absence? Will the Third Temple descend from the sky or will it be built by human hands? This interactive lecture leaves you inspired and with much food for thought!

5. The Mikdash and the Holidays

Lectures are offered about the connection of the Mikdash to each Holiday of the year! For example: Chanukah and the Mikdash, Purim and the Mikdash, Pesach and the Mikdash.  A great way to keep the Mikdash at the forefront of our collective consciousness all year long!
Highly recommended!


A rare opportunity, not to be missed!


"ותחזינה עניינו בשובך לציון ברחמים"



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